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About Me.


Your passion is my priority.

My name is McKellar Proffitt.


I've always wanted to find a career that doesn't feel like a job. I've worked in multiple different fields and held multiple different titles, but creative has never been one of them. Creating has always been a hobby for me, something that has always been an escape. It's something that I truly enjoy so I figured why not take a swing at it. 


What inspires me about photography/videography is the ability to freeze any moment for eternity - because, for me, memories are some of the most powerful things we possess as humans.


In every single project I take on, I think about how impactful a photo or video can potentially be for my clients. Getting that perfect shot takes more than just a little bit of luck. That’s why I’m constantly striving to become the best creator I can be, because at the end of the day I want to capture the perfect moments for each and every project I take on.

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